I crossed the Atlantic on my way from Boston to London in a haze of drunken nervousness. God, I hate the plane. The invasive thoughts pour in, crashing and slamming down into the abyss. Every jolt of turbulence bouncing my soul around in my body. Just look at me up there. Up in there […]

Out on the street, I know how to hide. I move quick, flickering from pub to traffic signal under the yellow glow of streetlights and the muffled sounds of bass pulsating out of salt-caked Honda Civics and Ford Explorers. A blast of icy winter air whipping my face. Stress and anxiety is soldered into this […]

  Los Angeles and public transit have always had a very rocky relationship. I think about it every time I’m in a city where the transit system actually works well. Early one morning, I found myself in a car with a friend of mine as we whizzed all around Friday morning traffic. Tunes pumping out of the stereo, heads […]